In the Kremlin told about the expectations from the summit in “Norman format”

В Кремле рассказали об ожиданиях от саммита в "нормандском формате"

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir AstapkovichIn the Kremlin are not inclined neither to overstate nor to understate the expectations from the summit in “Norman format”, I think this is a very important and long-awaited meeting, and I hope that it will have much influence on the results, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.”In the “Norman Quartet” will not Express any expectations. This is a very serious meeting, the long-awaited. You know that was preceded by a sufficiently long period before this meeting was scheduled. Was that we deplore, a very large break in the Normandy format. And let us not be nor overstate expectations, then to not be disappointed, and at the same time, not to understate, hoping that after all the preparation will have your results,” – said Peskov in response to the question, what are the expectations of the Kremlin from the upcoming meeting in the Normandy format.

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