In the liner Merkel drove a car without a driver

В лайнер Меркель въехал автомобиль без водителя

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to switch planes after her government plane, which was standing at the airport in the German city of Dortmund, crashed car, reports .

The incident occurred during the addition, as the aircraft was waiting for Merkel, who had to fly to Berlin. Owner Renault Trafic left the vehicle, forgetting to put the handbrake, causing the car drove into the Bombardier Global 5000. The liner was damaged and could not perform the flight.

On Board were three crew members. Medical care they needed. Currently, experts estimate the damage to government aircraft.

In mid-April, one of the Bombardier Global 5000 was forced to return to schönefeld airport due to a failure in the system. When boarding the plane touched the two wings of the runway. On Board were crew only.