In the Manchester test track for people looking to move to a smartphone

В Манчестере тестируют дорожку для людей, смотрящих на ходу в смартфон

In the Manchester area Spinningfields has developed special lanes for people who are on the go look to the smartphone. According to a new survey, 75% of Britons feel guilty for having that slow down overall movement, in order to look into the gadget, and 38% of the respondents encountered this on other pedestrians.

So in Manchester have created a test 75-meter walkway for people with smartphones. She is on the sidewalk along the Boulevard Hardman.

The sidewalk on the Boulevard Hardman surrounded by offices, shops, bars and restaurants. This way, weekly use tens of thousands of people. Now on the sidewalk, there are arrows and signs that define a pedestrian walkway only for people with smartphones.

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The track consists of two lanes, is done to ensure that people do not encounter each other when going in different directions.The initiators of the tracks argue that in future, a similar band can be created in other cities and countries.