In the meantime the vaccine…

En attendant le vaccin...

There is a good and a bad news, in the folder presented by The Journal on the research to find a cure with the novel coronavirus.

The good thing is that it is without a doubt of the human adventure, which, so far, has mobilized the largest amount of intelligence at the same time. Neither the development of the atomic bomb or the conquest of space, or cancer research, or the study of climate change, will be seen to commit as much resources and energy have mainly been the subject of a great collaboration between the labs.

Except that before having a vaccine, it was in the best of cases for a year, but more realistically for two years. Normally, it could take ten or fifteen years. That is the bad news.

It is necessary to take our evil in patience. Several avenues of research are promising, but do not allow to skip time-consuming steps that are testing on animals to measure the side effects and on humans to ensure that the treatment confers long-lasting immunity. We are not going to produce, distribute and inoculate billions of humans – and this will take time also – a vaccine more dangerous than the disease itself or ineffective.

Not sustainable

It is necessary to modulate our measurements, because the containment is not sustainable for two years or even for a socially or economically

This is what is planned since the beginning, in fact. Before the sudden arrival and aggressive of the virus, the authorities we have placed on pause. The time to organize, to implement good hygiene practices, to enable businesses and organizations to make adjustments and build up our stocks of medical equipment, our ability to do testing, and our health care organization.

But it is obvious that, sooner or later, it must be arranged to operate the company even if a deadly virus short at the same time. This is not a change of strategy. This is a new stage of the same strategy.

We can’t deprive our young people of schooling and socialization for a year. We can’t ask people to telecommute full-time at the same time that they are caring for their children full-time for one year. Governments cannot replace the economy by cheques funded on the debt for a year.

Especially, and this is one of the measures on which we agreed as quickly as collectively, and it is disturbing, we can’t let our seniors watching paint dry on the walls for a year. They will develop pressure sores, lose of mobility and of cognitive abilities because they will be less stimulated. This would be a form of euthanasia cruelly and slowly administered. This is not it, protect it.

Dancing with the virus

It will be necessary to resume gradually and carefully our business, therefore. Respecting the two meters of distance as much as possible, but keeping in mind that people will need to clean the teeth and to receive physiotherapy treatment. By promising also to put all of these handshakes, these colleux and those big french later. It will be well deserved.

We will have to re-open the areas and remove some of the isolation measures and sometimes restore them afterwards. For the foreseeable future, we will learn to dance with the virus.

And, yes, it is still taboo, but it’s going to have to accept that many people will catch the virus and that some will die as a result. But at the same time that scientists will seek out the vaccine, others will find remedies that will help heal the sick.

The famous herd immunity, that we will know when a proportion that is still unknown of the population will be “vaccinated” against the virus because she has had or because they have received an injection, you don’t reach tomorrow. By increasing the amount of people who can no longer contract the disease, it will hurt, however, to its spread.

We are at the step to learn to live with the COVID-19, as we do, in fact, from the beginning with a creativity as surprising as it had been moving. We are approaching the moment where, without being reckless, he must accept to live with the risk, at least until a vaccine is found, tested, produced, and administered to a very large scale.

It’s going to go well, but that doesn’t mean that it will not be difficult.

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