In the midst of a debate on police violence, the series “Cops” deleted

En plein débat sur les violences policières, la série «Cops» supprimée

NEW YORK | The american series ‘controversial reality tv show” Cops “, to the antenna since over 30 years and institution of the small screen in the United States, has been cancelled by the channel Paramount Network, in full wave of protests against police violence.

The chain Paramount Network, a subsidiary of the group ViacomCBS, has confirmed to several u.s. media that the program was no longer included in the grid, and that it was ” not anticipated that there come back “.

Requested by the AFP, Paramount Network has not confirmed the information.

Since 1989, “Cops” accompanied on the ground of the police officers, filmed mainly during arrest, most often in turmoil.

The show has been regularly criticised for having exaggerated the importance of crime in the United States.

She has also been charged by the association with Color of Change to show the arrests of suspects from minority groups in proportions which do not correspond to the reality.

Under the pressure of this campaign, the broadcaster’s history, ” Cops “, the Fox, had abandoned the program, in 2013.

The issue had been taken up by the small cable channel, Spike TV, renamed Paramount Network in 2018.

On Tuesday, the association of Color of Change announced the deprogramming of the issuance by Paramount Network “after our conversation with them this week,” according to a tweet from the official.

In 2019, the podcast “Running From Cops” had painted a picture to the vitriol of the series, showing in particular that the police officers were exercising a strict control on the content.

“We found a lot of things that were not in compliance with the Constitution, not legal, not ethical, and that do not correspond to the rules of keeping of the order “, had commented the journalist Dan Taberski, author of the podcast, in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine.

He said that many of the suspects arrested have not signed the discharge in full possession of their means and therefore have been filmed against their will.

For him, the show had a major influence on the vision that had number of Americans of what was “good” police officer.

The death of George Floyd, seen by many as the illustration of police violence against Black people, has caused a wave of indignation and protests across the United States and in other countries of the world.

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