In the milky Way have found a gap from a supermassive object

В Млечном Пути нашли брешь от сверхмассивного объекта

Scientists of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics have discovered in the star stream of the milky Way is a strange hole, which could leave only a very large object.

Stellar streams are the remnants of dwarf galaxies or star clusters, once absorbed by the Milky Way. They are twisted around the center and under the influence of gravity stretched for great distances.

Stream GD-1 is one of the longest. By studying it, astronomers have noticed a strange gap, which, according to the laws of physics, should not exist.

“What is our life? Game!”В Млечном Пути нашли брешь от сверхмассивного объекта“World mind games”: premiere at the “World” of Stars around it were located in an unusual way, forming a sort of spur, said

The stream looked as though it at high speed struck a supermassive cosmic body.

But scientists could not establish that it could be.

According to calculations, the object must be a million times more massive than the Sun. No star, supergiant, not able to reach such dimensions.

Theoretically, the hole could leave a massive black hole, but in this case, scientists have documented its impact on the space.

The only possible explanation – through the milky Way past a dense and massive clumps of dark matter the size from 30 to 65 light years.

Dark matter is invisible, but it affects the growth and development of galaxies. It was believed that it is integral to every star cluster, but recent data make us doubt.