In the milky Way saw the star-the stranger

В Млечном Пути заметили звезду-пришельца

One of the stars of the Big dipper originated in another galaxy and ended up in the milky Way after the cosmic cataclysm that occurred in ancient times.

Scientists from the National astronomical Observatory of Japan has discovered that luminary under the name J1124+4535 has a strange chemical composition.

“What is our life? Game!”В Млечном Пути заметили звезду-пришельца“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” It contains very little magnesium and an unusually large number of europium (metal, which belongs to the group of rare earth elements), according to

This combination is impossible for the stars in the milky Way, but typical of nearby dwarf galaxies.

The authors of the study suggested that several billion years ago the milky Way collided with another galaxy and completely absorbed it. J1124+4535 remained the only “splinter” long-lost clusters.

This star opened in 2015, but only a few years later were able to obtain detailed information about its properties and composition.

Scientists have noted that the collision of galaxies is not unique to the Universe. In the future (in about 4.5 billion years) the milky Way may crash into the neighboring spiral galaxy Andromeda. But the clash is likely to take place tangentially and will not affect the Solar system (if by that time still will exist).