In the most powerful MacBook Pro showed problems with the performance

У найпотужнішого MacBook Pro виявилися проблеми з продуктивністю

MacBook Pro has serious problems with overheating
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More recently, Apple boasted powerful hardware 15-inch MacBook Pro in top-end configuration. It would seem that the laptop on the flagship Intel Core i9 owner must provide a high level of performance.

But as it turned out, the company made a miscalculation in the design of new or not fully been honest with buyers.

Known videoblogger Dave Lee protested, the most powerful configuration of the MacBook Pro and found that the cooling system of the laptop is simply not able to cope with the heat release Intel Core i9. Through a strong overheating processor significantly reduces its clock speed, and the laptop is getting slower in comparison to last year’s model.

In the experiment, he launched the render of the same clip in Adobe Premiere Pro on a new MacBook Pro last year. The new six-core Core i9 coped with the task in 39 minutes, but the version of 2017 on the basis of the Intel Core i7 has spent just 35 minutes on processing the video. But when Dave put the new laptop in the fridge, the render time was reduced to 27 minutes.

Is an unlocked chipset capable of overclocking, but its full potential is destroyed inside the housing due to poor layout: more precisely, through the cooling system, says Lee.

The blogger noted that a reduction in the frequency of the CPU when overheating is common with laptops and mobile devices. But that level of deceleration performance, in his opinion, is simply unacceptable.

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