In the nature reserve of the Netherlands has allowed free to cut trees for Christmas

В заповеднике Нидерландов разрешили бесплатно рубить елки к Рождеству

National Park De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands came up with a way to clean the area of excess pine trees.Offered here is for everyone to cut themselves a Christmas tree. More precisely, here grow pine trees. But it doesn’t matter. Especially since the tree will get for free. On one condition: one pine tree in one hand. Hundreds of families have already responded to this tempting offer.

Such a generous holiday gift to the people of the region due to purely professional need of the local Rangers.

The staff of the Park De Hoge Veluwe, that near the village of Otterlo, identified areas where conifers invaded the habitat of lizards, crickets and other rare species. The Rangers know that if pine will capture the territory, its inhabitants will die soon.

В заповеднике Нидерландов разрешили бесплатно рубить елки к Рождеству

Therefore, and invited visitors to help clear the area of trees, and at the same time to prepare for the winter holidays. An axe or a saw you can bring your own. And if there are not at home, will be given on the spot.

Useful action for the protection of rare species

According to the Ranger Henk Ruseler, the Park staff is struggling to control the spread of trees that grow in sandy soil.

Most of the names of the local flora and fauna is listed in the European Red list of threatened species. When these areas are spontaneously overgrown by trees, a rare species disappear.

According to the Ranger, the problem was partly caused by high levels of nitrogen in the environment due to transport emissions, and excessive fertilizer of agricultural land. Last month, the Dutch government has reduced speed limits for cars to try to reduce the level of nitrogen.

National Park De Hoge Veluwe covers 3200 acres of woodland and 2,100 hectares of heathland. He is also known for its Museum and gallery with an impressive collection of van Gogh’s works and modernist art.

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