In the Netherlands, found stolen in the United States a 400 year old Bible

В Нидерландах нашли украденную в США 400-летнюю Библию

In the Netherlands, found an old copy of the Bible, stolen from the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, the American, reports .

It turned out that the robbers had sold a 400-year old Holy Scripture of the American pilgrim Museum of the Dutch city of Leiden in 2015.

The theft of books from the Carnegie Museum, established only in 2017, and officially announced it in March 2018.

After that, the Dutch Museum Director Jeremy Bangs got in touch with American colleagues and said that the Bible is in the Netherlands. The Museum bought an old book for 1,2 thousand dollars.

In February of this year, the Turkish smugglers seized a rare Bible printed around 1200 years ago. Was initially detained three people, but after questioning, the officers arrested the three defendants in the case.