In the Netherlands, made the candid wedding photos

2017-10-12 14:11

In the Netherlands, made the candid wedding photos
The humor of the photographer is appreciated by all.

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“Some newlyweds can’t wait when the party will end and they will be able to go into the room to spend a memorable wedding night, reports Rus.Media. Fortunately, they’ve exchanged wedding promises and officially got married” — these words of the Dutch photographer Michelle cluster signed quite original wedding picture.

It’s the groom stands with his back to the audience with my pants down, and the bride fell to her knees before him.

Entry Cluster gathered 36 thousand likes and 17 thousand comments. By the way, the humor of the photographer is appreciated by all. Then he added: “It’s not a marketing gimmick, we just came up with an interesting idea. We didn’t want to offend. Those who think it is offensive, in my view, live in 1996. Let people have fun, life is too sanctimonious”.

In an interview with BuzzFeed said that the idea for the photo shoot suggested mother. From the idea of creating pornographic images cluster immediately denied, saying that the main goal was the demonstration of genitals, and creating the overall impression.

“It was a nice relaxed wedding, there wasn’t too formal,” he said about the newlyweds, who have agreed to such an experiment. Incidentally, they wished to remain anonymous.

He also explained that such wedding pictures — the trend of recent years when they all want to outdo each other: “People want to be different from other Bridal. Photos should be more beautiful than their sisters, relatives and friends.”

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