In the network appeared the first photos of the updated crossover Jaguar F-Pace

В сети появились первые фотографии обновленного кроссовера Jaguar F-Pace

The prestigious automaker, Jaguar, is going in the coming years or even months to significantly upgrade the lineup.

In addition to a fully updated flagship sedan XJ and the updated sports coupe F-Type, the British brand intends to submit the new version for its compact crossover F-Pace.

According to the rumors, first shown in 2016, the new Jaguar F-Pace will be officially presented next year.

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For the first time, “spy” photos of test prototypes updated crossover F-Pace were made in September of this year. Then, the car was very heavily covered with rather dense camouflage wrap. This time the disguise was a little less, and we can see some elements of the design innovations in more detail.

The headlight housings seem to be more smooth in comparison with those who have the current version of the crossover. The graphics on the headlights, it seems, was also updated. Changes to the false radiator grille is not visible in these pictures, but the appearance of the lower front bumper and air intakes, it seems, has been revised.

В сети появились первые фотографии обновленного кроссовера Jaguar F-Pace

The new F-Pace has kept its General shape, but the rear has received a significant update. The bumper looks a little different, exactly as the exhaust pipes and diffuser.

В сети появились первые фотографии обновленного кроссовера Jaguar F-Pace

Salon updated F-Pace is very much covered with all sorts of false panels, so we have no information about the changes that might be there. It is expected, however, that the new F-Pace will receive the latest infotainment system Jaguar.

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