In the Network appeared the picture of hugging Bilan and Lazarev

В Сети появилась фотография обнимающихся Билана и Лазарева

Singer Dima Bilan thanked his counterpart Sergey Lazarev what for many years of their friendship, in which there is no place of lies and envy. The contractor on his page on Instagram has shared a touching photo.

Singers often Bang their heads. It happened at this time. However, the buddies in an honest conversation with each other came to the conclusion that going gossip nothing more than attempts by enemies to embroil them.

“Thank you for not disappointing my thin structure and organization of the soul, man”, signed Bilan picture, which firmly embraces his colleague.

In turn Lazarev in his profile said that they are already too old and experienced to blindly trust other people’s words.

In March this year it was reported that Dima Bilan has received the title of honored artist of Russia. However, in the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow, where the award ceremony took place, he came in on crutches since shortly before it broke his leg near his home.