In the next 2 years will purchase up to 60 new cars for the Moscow metro

Station of the Kiev metro to rename will not be too expensive.

У найближчі 2 роки закуплять до 60 нових вагонів для столичного метро

The Kiev authorities are going in the next 2 years to spend on development of the Moscow metro, and about 20 billion UAH. Most of them will go for the construction of two subway stations on the Husbandman. The first tranche of this project has already received on account of the metro and the extension of branches to future stations “Mostyska” and “Truth” was launched. In an interview, said the press Secretary of the head of KP “Kiev underground” Natalia Makogon, reports Rus.Media.

According to her, the delivery stations in operation in February 2021. But in addition to the construction of the branch to the Husbandman, metro will develop and in other directions. For example, little by little, the station will translate to a fully automatic operation of the crossing passengers will refuse cashiers.

  • At the station “Vokzalnaya” to build a second exit, and the transition of “Theater” – “Golden Gate” it is planned to expand to avoid the crush at rush hour.
  • In the next 2 years will purchase up to 60 new cars (about 12 teams).

At the same time to increase the fare on the subway is not planned. The calculations of the company the cost of the trip is now 8, 27 UAH. – only slightly more than the current rate. And with the renaming of the stations are not going to rush. The latest name change from “street” to “Pochayna” cost the company 100 thousand UAH.