In the oldest wild bird chick hatched

Males Usdom least 68 years.

У найстарішої дикої птиці вилупилося пташеня

The female Albatross named Usedom, the oldest wild bird in the world, which laid an egg in December last year, successfully hatched it – specialists of Service of protection of fish resources and wild animals United States found in Usdom and her partner chick. This service tells in his blog on Tumblr, informs Rus.Media.

USDA (Wisdom, “wisdom”) belongs to the species temnospondyl albatrosses Phoebastria immutabilis. These albatrosses live in the North Pacific ocean and breed in vast colonies over a million birds on the midway Atoll, Northwest Hawaiian Islands. Usdom at least 68 years: in 1956, American biologist Chandler Robbins in his first season banded bird, which had not yet been nicknames, as adults, that is, she was at least six years. 46 years ago, in 2002, Robbins was again noticed it when inspecting the colony and was able to read the number on the ring that he, himself, set. The scientist died in 2017.

У найстарішої дикої птиці вилупилося пташеня

Usdom and her partner is male, Atacama, whom she met in 2006 when she was at least 56 years old, last year successfully hatched pending an egg and raised the chick. Now, scientists reported that the birds that returned to the nesting area on 29 November postponed new egg, hatched it. As noted in the message, it may 37th chick Usdom.

Now Usdom and Atacama take turns watching the chick and bring food. The chick will spend in the nest five or six months, after which will leave the island and go hunting. When he or she turns five or six years, the bird will return to the Atoll to look for a partner.