In the Philippines due to the Typhoon evacuated 200 thousand people

На Филиппинах из-за тайфуна эвакуировали 200 тысяч человек

From 35 provinces of the Islands warn of a sharp deterioration in the weather
In the Philippine Islands evacuated 200 thousand people due to Typhoon “Kanmuri”. On Tuesday, the natural disaster may affect the territory close to the capital of the Islands of Manila, reports Aljazeera.

Authorities are warning residents in 35 provinces of the approach of the Typhoon, as well as warning against possible landslides, storms and floods.

The local government of Manila is planning to close capital international airport from 11 to 23 local time. At the moment already dozens of flights throughout the Philippines were canceled and rescheduled, as well as in the affected provinces have closed schools. The coast guard suspended sea travel in the North-Eastern region of the Islands.

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