In the regime of high secrecy

В режиме повышенной секретности

According to reports, late last night, in the regime of high secrecy in the suburbs of Kiev on the territory under the jurisdiction of the national security Council of the mansion held a meeting of the President Zelensky with the security forces and government officials, heads of branches of the highest authorities of Ukraine.Discussed the protest situation in the country occurred on the background of the adoption of the law on sale of agricultural land.The President invited all to speak with situation analysis and proposals on stabilization of the situation. Those present reacted in different ways. Goncharuk declined to speech, referring to the concentration by the withdrawal of the state from the economic crisis, but called for continued work on the development of the law on the sale of land.The defense Minister noted that on this issue a lot of unhappy even in the army, but the situation is under control.A dissenting opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian people. From his point of view, the intention to open a land market in Ukraine is premature, that the level of protests will increase and will cover the entire country, and as a result “the revolutionary situation can get out of control government.” According to Avakov, a certain stabilization of the political situation is possible only in case of Declaration of temporary localization decision on the adoption of the controversial law. have I Concrete decisions it was accepted not.Tsibulya

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