In the restaurant: chef of “the World” will surprise Russian delicacies

PHOTO : MIR / Kukovsky Artem


Pike cutlets with aromatic cheese, veal in raspberry jam and fried potatoes with eggs in French. It turns out, the recipes of Russian cuisine. Them, the TV channel “MIR” is ready to share the chef and host of “in the restaurant” Alexander Zhurkin. With telemenyu one of the first got acquainted the correspondent of TV channel Dmitry Zabrodskiy.

Poached eggs guru TV: food not cooking as everything – fries. This is one of the 50 original recipes from Alexander Zhurkina.

“Want to see what’s inside? Let’s go! Take the plate. It seems to be a fried egg, but inside it is juicy… Gorgeous!”, – he commented.

Exclusive exclusive eggs fried potatoes – with rosemary, bacon and sour cream. In this kitchen the simplest dishes turn into culinary delights. They are not on the table at the exhibition you can send.

“We’ll see. See? The potatoes were fried, the flavor is fantastic. View, some potatoes, one by one”.

Another edition cooking show on Russian cuisine. It’s not the recipes, exciting stories and history about food.

In cutlets of pike the chef knead the bacon and cheese.

“Take the stuffing, slightly wet hands with water to make the fish not sticking to hands, and make a donation. View, I take it and put in the cutlet a teaspoon of melted creamy cheese”.

And oyster mushrooms and asparagus… It does not use the unavailable products and clever names of the dishes. This is one of the best chefs of Moscow is not afraid to experiment. Here is him singing a Russian dish with a Chinese accent.

“Take the calf directly from the pan, hot. And put on the raspberry jam.”

The wizard will show millions of viewers not only how to slice, mix, but and serve. To the design of each dish our chef creatively. Whatever the dish, the culinary picture. But the most important is that it is edible. Well how here not to recommend: made by professional, to repeat for sure!

“Add young green peas, a few leaves of cilantro. Sprinkled with drops of lemon juice. Our dish is ready!”.

These and other recipes in the “in restaurant” see on TV “MIR”.