In the river in a forest plantation found sacks of money (VIDEO)

В Днепре в лесопосадке обнаружили мешки с деньгами (ВИДЕО)

July 7 in the woods on Kryvyi Rih highway found dozens of bags before the blade scored the Ukrainian banknotes of different denomination.

If you believe the inscriptions on the cardboard tags, which are glued to the packages, valuable cargo, the property of the National Bank of Ukraine.

It is reported by the Informant.

The total amount of content in the bags of dozens or even hundreds of millions of hryvnia. The only caveat with all bills carefully “worked” the shredder (shredder — approx. ed.).

В Днепре в лесопосадке обнаружили мешки с деньгами (ВИДЕО)

No information about how the “treasure” was in such a remote region of the Dnieper, in the moment.

On the tags visible print of the National Bank of Ukraine and the specified denomination of the notes in a particular package of 20, 50, 100 and 200 hryvnias. There are marked and approx quantity. Most likely the money was disposed of and for some reason “abandoned”. But not for long: now bills are investigators of the police, which we hope will announce soon all the details of the situation.

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