In the river is unknown in masks beat up local activists

В Днепре неизвестные в масках избили местных активистов

© zaveqna / flickrIn the river is unknown in balaclavas beat local activists Miroslava Chupaca and Vladislav Melnychuk. The last announced on his page in Facebook on Saturday, November 23,According to Melnichuk, 22 November at 22:00 five young people in balaclavas broke into the premises of the organization “Sicheslavshchyna enlightenment” in the river and beat activists.

“The beating was at the NGO premises in front of witnesses. Now write a statement to the police and go to the hospital. There are injuries of the skull, jaw and nose. Will continue to update the situation,” says Melnychuk.

According to the page in Facebook, the young man took part in the rallies in memory of activists Catherine Gandzyuk, supports de-communization, the language law and the movement of “No surrender.”

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