In the SBU told how Russia is trying to break the Ukrainian cyber

Hybrid aggression of the Kremlin in its core relies on information and cyber components, say in the SBU

В СБУ рассказали, как Россия пытается пробить украинскую киберзащиту

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A number of powerful and complex cyber-attacks on computer networks of energy, banking, transport sectors, the communications industry, which occurred since the beginning of 2014, once again showed that the aggressor will continue to use cyber attacks as a tool of geopolitical influence. This was stated by the head of Department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security SBU Alexander Klimchuk in his article on

Just recently the security Service of Ukraine blocked the attempt of a cyber attack by Russian security services systems company “Aul chloroperlidae station”, which belongs to the category of critical infrastructure of the country.

According to Klimchuk, in addition to cyber attacks, Russia and then carrying out information attacks, using online resources and social media to promote totalitarian symbols and parades, and with the aim to mislead Ukrainians, distorting the historical facts.

Our specialists have identified clear signs of a coordinated information operations against Ukraine.

In the context of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine, one of the most common and dangerous mechanisms cyberswine become complex ART attacks that involve the use of malicious software, social engineering techniques, as well as the activation of hidden features remote access via undocumented functions in the software of the Russian manufacture, “said Klimchuk.

According to him, in particular, the methods of work of the anti-virus packages “DoctorWeb” and “virus” does not provide malware detection software developed by the Russian special services, and includes undocumented functions to collect confidential and sensitive information of the users.

I note that the “Kaspersky Lab” was directly accused by the competent authorities of the States in facilitating the leak of the latest developments in cyber weapons with the NSA.

Therefore, the introduction of this malicious software, and similar products and information resources in the sanctions list the security Council is an important preventive measure for the prevention of cyberattacks by Russian intelligence services against Ukraine“, – said Klimchuk.

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