In the schools of Kiev have strengthened protection and will permit a stranger

В школах Киева усилят охрану и не будут пропускать посторонних

Recently in Kiev, the cases associated with the penetration of outsiders into the school premises. Such incidents can lead to undesirable consequences for children consequences. With this state of Affairs will be to fight the city authorities.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Valentine Andrievskogo, the rules of access to the territory should be the same for everyone. To show the document proving the identity, and record the entry and exit of outsiders is not a whim but a requirement of time. This Informant learned from the press service of the KSCA.

“The safety of our children is the most important thing and for this access to the schools by unauthorized persons it is necessary to restrict the access of parents to make systematic, accurate and the most organized. That is why I appeal to parents to minimize the risks, please respect the rules. The school your children are not the enemy, and with you we have a common goal — to make the stay of children in schools safe, ” said Valentin Mondrievsky.

He also added that local authorities were attracted to the protection of schools, “Municipal protection”. As a result, where such a security system running for 2019 with no provocative situation or emergency. According to the Deputy of the Kyiv city state administration, the city makes every effort to experience the safety of children in the future used in all educational institutions of the capital.

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