In “the Servant of the people”, said that against Fadini and St. John’s Wort, threatening to kill Zelensky, opened a criminal case

В "Слуге народа" заявили, что против Федыны и Зверобой, угрожавшим убить Зеленского, открыли уголовное дело

Against the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Sofia Fedina and volunteer Marousi St. John’s Wort that are publicly discussed case of the death of President Vladimir Zelensky following statements about the breeding of forces in the Donbass, the criminal proceedings are opened. About it I wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Alexander Kachura.

According to him, the case opened by the Prosecutor General because of their incitement to murder and overthrow of the government.

“Tell someone St John’s Wort and Fedine number of criminal proceedings, in their calls to murder and overthrow of state power”, – said Kachur and indicated the production number: 42019000000002276.

В "Слуге народа" заявили, что против Федыны и Зверобой, угрожавшим убить Зеленского, открыли уголовное дело


Recall that the reason for the threats was a trip Zelensky gold the Luhansk region, where now is the disengagement. Then he tore the nationalists Andrei Biletsky. In early October, they “occupied” the city and stated that the positions for the APU, if the army will step back. The situation is then disrupted not only the breeding but the international game Zelensky, who is trying to come to a meeting in the Normandy format and something to agree on Donbass.

In the end, ze entered the fray, and then told the volunteers to lay down their weapons and hinted that if this does not happen, then the consequences might be. And on Monday, October 28, at the base of “Netcorps” came armed with automatic weapons by police.

In this already tense situation on the channel of the MP Sofia Fedyna appeared on Youtube scandalous video. It was titled “Sofia Fedin the Marussia Frobi. Luvshy mega STRM… Bo htos Duma scho Bessmertny…”. It Fedyna and St. John’s Wort did not mince words. In fact, they claim that with a population of Donbass speak do not need, and indeed voted for Zelensky “Batfarma”. And then he moved on to the obscene ways the President’s death.

After this issue was also commented upon in the fraction of “servant of the people”, stating that they intend to apply to law enforcement. However, only in respect of people’s Deputy from the party Poroshenko. St. John’s Wort to have “servants,” then questions were not. And Spicer Parliament Dmitry Razumkov said that the incorrect statements of Fedine the President will consider the Committee on rules, parliamentary ethics and organization of work of the Verkhovna Rada.

Note that the dilution of power in Gold had happened.

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