In the service of coaches

Au service des entraîneurs

It is not only athletes who have seen their lives be turned upside-down when the world of sport has been put on pause due to the pandemic of COVID-19, coaches also.

In front of this stranger, Marc Schryburt has decided to create a community of sharing virtual which has known an instant success, and coaches of renown such as Stéphan Larouche or Danny Maciocia have participated. A month later, he now wants to join the volunteer coaches across the province of Quebec, who also face the unknown.

Schryburt has spent his life working with coaches and athletes of high level. International director of coaching and training athletes of Cirque du Soleil, he has also been the vice-president high performance Institut national du sport du Québec from 2016 to 2019, in addition to working as a coach of the Carabins de Montréal, the Green and Gold of Sherbrooke and McGill Redmen.

“When the sport was stopped at the end of march, everyone was asking questions. The Olympics were cancelled and carried over to the next year and the coaches wondered how they were going to do to accompany the gang on the ground, ” he explains.

With the help of a twenty contacts coaches, Schryburt has therefore had the idea of putting in place the platform, ” Efficient effective coaching “, on Facebook. The goal is to get coaches and others to talk about current issues in the form of a web conference that all members could look at while interacting and asking questions.

20 people, they have risen to 1200 in the space of a month. In addition to Larouche and Maciocia, they have also been the nutritionist for the Montreal canadiens, Martin Fréchette.

Last week, the assistant coach of the national football team of belgium is even attached to one of the discussions.


Pleased with the success of the initiative, Schryburt would like, however, that its platform, free and open to all, is not reserved strictly for the top-level coach.

“One advantage to open it up to more of the world as possible. What has been created, these are occasions of gathering that can become a form of mentoring for peers. In Quebec, there are hundreds of people, police officers or lawyers, who are coaches for the weekend, and who ask the same questions to determine how they will be able to keep in contact with their young. ”


For Mr. Schryburt, “Efficient effective coaching” deserves to survive beyond the pandemic.

“This is exactly what I was told by Stéphan Larouche two weeks ago. We are not going to stop. Probably there will be less often that at this moment, but clearly, it has developed a community of sharing that we want to offer to everyone. “

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