In the South China sea, recorded a powerful underwater bomb

В Южно-Китайском море зафиксирован мощный подводный врыв

The radiation level at the coast increased

On Oceanographic devices for the monitoring of the South China sea was a powerful underwater explosion, reports HalTurnerRadioShow.

The explosion occurred at a depth of about 50 meters, and caused a very strong underwater shock wave. The power of the explosion between 10 and 20 kilotons. Military sources claim that the earthquake is excluded, submarines the United States is constantly present in this area of the World ocean, and if there was an explosion of this magnitude, it could cause damage to submarines or forced them to leave the territory. Currently, the coastal control points from the South China sea found elevated radiation background.

В Южно-Китайском море зафиксирован мощный подводный врыв

Beijing has long and persistently assert his right to the possession of extensive areas in the South China sea, where strategic international trade routes: every year on them transporting goods worth billions of dollars. Also on the shelf in this area of the Pacific ocean are still untouched reserves of minerals for billions. The Chinese are building on artificially created Islands strengthen and deploy its weapons. US authorities are trying to counteract China’s claims to these areas by using passages in the disputed waters ships and aircraft.

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