In the South of Kazakhstan bloomed poppies

PHOTO : MIR / cheglyaeva Maria


In the South of Kazakhstan bloomed poppies. In Almaty oblast to admire the flower carpet come the foreigners and local residents, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Kirill Kharlamov.

To see a natural phenomenon, residents and guests of the southern capital to travel to the suburbs of Almaty. There is a poppy field of scarlet.

On vacation in Kazakhstan Yekaterina came from Russia. According to tourists, in Novosibirsk such fields will not see. Against the background of the poppies she and her daughters happy with this photo shoot.

“We only saw it in the picture. We know that in Crimea there are poppies, and the fact that Almaty is such a beautiful field, I learned just recently. Went to look for them,” says Catherine Kanina.

Carpets of poppies can be found only once a year. Almaty is growing a certain kind of flowers – peacock poppy, or the so-called remuria.

“Poppy belongs to the family of the poppy. The poppy collection is not so small as you think. Except for Mac there’s a cat or glaucium. In addition, there are remery, very similar to Mac. Here is red poppies and the mountains are white, orange and yellow. They are perennial. Red poppies – annuals,” says senior research specialist of Institute of botany and Phytointroduction Mikhail Danilov.

This year due to the cool April flowers blossomed later. Tatiana from Almaty went out of the city, when the buds have just started to brew. But the girl is not confused for a good photo quite the right angle.

“Last year was with a girlfriend, this brought another. Love to be photographed, mostly children photographed. Of course, nature is beautiful. Maki raise the mood with its beauty,” says Tatiana Letuta.

Kazakhstan poppy growing in dry places, steppe, semi-desert, on the mountain slopes.

Experts say to enjoy the blossoming steppe poppy, we have to hurry. They bloom just a few weeks. However, to pluck the flower no need to keep the harmony of nature.

Steppe poppy is not a narcotic plant, unlike opium.