In the spirit of the film “La La land”: Dima Bilan shoots new video with Ksenia Sukhinova

Ksenia Sukhinova & Dima Bilan

Two days ago Dima and Ksenia Sukhinova was intrigued by its subscribers, having uploaded photos from Sunny Cyprus to their Instagram accounts.

Arrived to a warm, Sunny place for a mega-project,

wrote model.

Ksenia Sukhinova

Bilan, however, the reason for his visit to the island to hide and given to understand that soon his fans will see the new video.

Cyprus, we’re here! Ahead of a wonderful day! Will try to make you like it

— said the singer.

Dima Bilan

More, however, no musician, no model of the new photos we saw. But paparazzi are not asleep! Today a couple was filmed dancing on the street of Limassol. Interestingly, dressed Bilan and Sukhinova was in the spirit of the film “La La land” (La La Land): Ksenia danced in a yellow dress (just like the heroine of Emma stone), and Dima Bilan — in a stylish blue suit (hero Ryan Gosling, too, preferred the classics). And dance moves, which showed the singer and model were much like those we saw in the music tape.

Dima and Ksenia Sukhinova

Emma stone and Ryan Gosling in the film “La La land”

Judging by the pictures, the new clip of the singer promises to be the summer and cheerful, and I want to believe that the final he will be happier than the film that inspired it. By the way, last year Sukhinova and Bilan already worked together on the music video “Hold on”, which the singer presented in August. Will the new movie a continuation of the previous (it was filmed in Sunny Portugal), we hope in the near future.

Ksenia Sukhinova & Dima BilanEmma stone and Ryan Gosling in the film “La La land”

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