In the state Duma called for Russia not to have sex with the guests of the 2018 world Cup

В Госдуме призвали россиянок не заниматься сексом с гостями ЧМ-2018

In the state Duma have attended to a problem of sexual relations of Russian girls came to Russia for the 2018 world Cup by foreigners. In particular, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev has urged compatriots not to have sex with the guests of the Championship and explained why.

According to her, may be these girls who will go to the meeting with the foreigner and then give birth.

“These children then suffer and have suffered, since the days of the Soviet regime,” — said Pletnev in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”, citing the sad experience of the “Olympiad-80”.

She noted that the child may be born another race, and then he does have a hard time in Russia.

“We their children have to bear. I’m not a nationalist, but nevertheless,” — said the Deputy.

She added that even if the Pope-a foreigner will not leave then pregnant mom and I will take with me, then often women don’t know how to go back there.

“Then come to me in Committee, such, crying girls, took the child, took and so forth,” — said Pletnev.

She encouraged the girls to marry for love to the citizens of Russia, to build a good. a family, to live together, have children and educate them.

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