In the UK began to look for a “witch’s bottle”

В Великобритании начали искать «ведьмины бутылки»

“What is our life? Game!”В Великобритании начали искать «ведьмины бутылки»“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” British scientists have begun an ambitious project to search for historical artifacts under the name of “witch’s bottle”.

This is a ceramic or glass vessels, which became very popular in the XVII century. They were used as amulets against evil forces. As a rule, inside to gain “magical” powers put pins, nails or spikes.

The bottles were hidden in secret places: above the fireplace, under the floor, in the churchyard, and sometimes in ditches or on banks of rivers.

Scientists believe that many of these artifacts still preserved in old houses, the website of the University of Hertfordshire.

They appealed to the people of the UK to request a closer look at the findings, similar to the “witch’s bottle”, and to report them to the historians and archaeologists.

The study of artifacts to learn new parts of the ancient magical practices and perhaps to debunk associated myths.

Earlier it was reported that in one of the caves in the UK found hundreds of “witch marks”. People left them centuries ago, not to allow evil spirits to escape from the dungeons.