In the UK, has opened an air corridor for drones

Within the corridor of the three-kilometer route flew the first drone.

У Великобританії відкрили повітряний коридор для безпілотників

British University of Cranfield in Bedfordshire on the basis of its own airport has organized the country’s first air corridor for unmanned aircraft. As reported by the Unmanned Systems Technology, this dedicated airspace has already held the first test flights of the drones. In the near future the number of drone flights in the air corridor will increase, informs Rus.Media.

Air corridor called the strip of airspace restricted in width and height. These lanes are usually isolated or to span a specific aircraft, or for any specific types and classes of aircraft. For example, often specifically arranged air corridors uses military aircraft. In addition, the corridors are organized around the airports.

Researchers from the University of Cranfield has organized an air corridor for drones, in the long run to develop the principles of joint flights of drones and manned aircraft in shared airspace. Air corridor will also be used for testing various dispatching systems.

During the first test corridor flew the drone Blackstart company Blue Bear. He flew the route with a length of three kilometers from the airport Cranfield in Oakley. At the same time, under British rule, the flight took place in the framework of the so-called extended zone of visibility for the entire route at an equal distance from each other were the observers who followed the flight of the drone.

In the near future, the number of flights within the corridor will be significantly increased. The researchers intend to collect data that will eventually allow you to create a unified control system for unmanned aircraft.

The organization of a private air corridor for drones last year and took power of the United States; work is being done in conjunction with the company Raytheon and the Federal aviation administration. New air corridor will be organized in the state of new York.

According to the current plans of the Federal office of civil aviation USA, the length of the air corridor for drones will be 80 kilometers. Details about the width and height of the corridor were not disclosed. Usually the width of such air lanes is from 5 to 26 kilometers.

For air traffic in the corridor will meet the radar stations of small capacity with active phased array. They will provide weather monitoring, takeoffs and landings of UAVs, as well as support small devices.