In the UK the owner of the shop complained to the network for failures and enriched

В Великобритании владелица магазина пожаловалась в сети на неудачи и обогатилась

A bookstore owner Imagined Things in the British town of Harrogate complained to the official Twitter-account of his shop in little revenue. The publication became viral, and the number of customers rapidly increased.

Hostess book GA Duffy (Duffy Georgia) upset because of low sales and decided to ask customers to visit her shop microblogging. “We have earned a total of 12.34 pounds for today… If anyone was thinking about buying the book, now is the time! The worst day in history. Card, book, whatever — it makes a huge difference for a small business like ours. We will be very grateful for your support,” she wrote with the post a sad smiley.

The publication became viral and gained nearly five thousand retweets. Visitors and customers were so many that the owner had to temporarily close the shop to find time to sleep. “We’ll be back tomorrow! But now I must sleep… what a wonderful day!” — wrote Duffy’s later account.

Among others in support of small business the Brits were well-known journalist and writer Allison Pearson (Allison Pearson). She invited Duffy to become a shopper, and hold public readings in the shop. In the comments to the original post about the problems in store women agreed to cooperate.

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