In the UK there will be a mass strike of postal workers

В Великобритании состоится массовая забастовка работников почты

In the UK Employees of Royal mail (Royal Mail) voted for strike action.

В Великобритании состоится массовая забастовка работников почты

It was supported by 97.1% of Union members. It is estimated that the strike will take part 110 thousand employees mail.

The reason for the strike — a violation of the promises of the employer to raise wages, to change the terms of retirement and a shorter working week from 39 to 35 hours. The average fee earned postman in the UK is below the national average and 1450 pounds ($1,700, or about 110 thousand rubles).

“Our members take seriously the honor and voted against those who now seek to destroy the great British postal service in the interests of quick profit and greed,” said Deputy General Secretary of trade Union Terry Pullinger.

By itself, the strike is the right decision for workers. It is also worth noting that the protest of the employees of the postal service intend to carry out at the end of November (black Friday) and December (Christmas), which will hit the profits of the owner. If the postal workers will not back down from their decision, their protest is doomed to success. The capitalists it is important to get at least some profit even if have to make concessions to workers. Russian trade unions have to take one example.

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