In the Ukrainian ports was discovered GMO corn

В украинских портах была обнаружена ГМО-кукуруза

In Ukrainian ports during the formation of export shipments of corn were found to exceed the norms of GMOs.

They noted that corn was discovered in two Ukrainian ports in the formation of export shipments.

Recall that in the EU products must be labelled as genetically modified if the GMO content over 0.9%. Given this information, according to experts, the formation of parties need additional monitoring using existing Express system for the detection of GMOs.

Note that last year the experts of FE “SGS Ukraine” announced the appearance in the crop of 2018 shipments of corn containing GMOs from 0.1% to 1.5%. Company representatives warned about the risks of the spread of these cultivars in the territory of Ukraine.

Recall that prices for Ukrainian maize rose to $163-165 per MT FOB, but still remain the lowest in the world.

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