In the United States began to produce beer with marijuana

The effect of the drink begins approximately 10 minutes after application.

У США почали випускати пиво з марихуаною

California company Two Roots Brewing began producing non-alcoholic beer with marijuana.

The effect of the drink begins about 10 minutes after application and lasts 90 minutes. The lineup includes drinks with different concentrations of the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and therapeutic Canada (CBD). According to the company, it is a healthy alternative to the usual beer and consumers are not facing a hangover, informs Rus.Media.

California is one of ten U.S. States where it is permitted the use of marijuana not only for medical but also for recreational purposes. In these States the sale of alcohol fell by 15%, and products containing cannabis increased. Analysts from Canaccord Genuity Group Inc is expected that by 2022 in the US, the trafficking of cannabis would amount to $ 600 million. Not surprisingly, the brewers thought about the drastic change in priorities.

Many companies produce chewing gum with marijuana, as well as cookies, ice cream, chocolate paste and other Goodies. Beer is more complicated: marijuana unlike alcohol, does not dissolve in water. The Two Roots Brewing company solved this problem by using technology that increases the solubility of substances. With this technology, molecules in marijuana drinks are distributed more evenly, more easily absorbed and their action starts faster.