In the USA, the mask mode in public transport was canceled Author: Alina Voronina COVID-19 Coronavirus masks USA rezhim-v-obshhestvennom-transporte-1343d86.jpg” alt=”The US canceled the mask regime in public transport” />

U.S. health officials have required travelers to wear masks in taxis, trains, planes and other public transportation through May 3, 2022 due to a recent rise in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. But the Joe Biden administration will not enforce the 14-month-old directive because a federal judge in Florida has ruled it illegal. Read today in USA.ONE magazine:

The United States abolished the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport

Shortly after, carriers such as Amtrak, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines have eased restrictions on their services.

In the US, you no longer need to wear a mask on public transport -transporte-a272d32.jpg” alt=”The US canceled the mask regime in public transport” />


The ruling was issued by U.S. District Judge Katherine Kimball Mizell as part of a lawsuit filed by the Health Freedom Defense Fund group last year. It followed rulings against the Biden administration's handling of COVID-19, including workplace testing and mandatory vaccinations. According to the judge, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exceeded their authority by not explaining their decisions and not questioning the public.

A spokesman for the administration said that the court's decision essentially cancels the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport. But the administration can appeal against it and achieve a delay in execution. The White House called disappointing the decision of the Transportation Security Service to cancel the new directive, which was supposed to come into force on April 19. The first public health decree requiring the wearing of a mask on public transport was passed in February 2021.

Delta has already commented on the removal of the mask regime. In their message, its representatives noted that they are happy to facilitate travel around the world, because COVID-19 "has turned into a regular seasonal virus". WHO has previously warned against making such comparisons because, unlike the flu, the coronavirus develops too quickly. Now the demand for travel can increase significantly. Since mid-February, US passenger traffic has so far been at 89% of pre-pandemic levels.

Removing the mask mandate could spur some passengers to travel and scare others away, especially as new increases in COVID-19 cases are reported. A Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from January 31 to February 7 showed that only 36% of US residents believed that the mask could be removed, and quarantine not observed and returned to their previous lives. The same position was held by 16% of Democrats and 60% of Republicans.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian does not deny the risk of infection, but says that the planes will be full. According to him, wearing a mask is the choice and responsibility of everyone, making their own decision, not the government's. According to the FAA, since January 2021, the number of incidents with unruly passengers broke a record – 7060. Of these, 70% were associated with the wearing of personal protective equipment in public transport.

As a result, thousands of people were on the &#34 list ;forbidden to fly". Alaska Airlines confirmed that some of them will remain in it even after the cancellation of the mandate. Meanwhile, the United States is once again recording a surge in the incidence of coronavirus. More than 36 thousand new cases and 460 deaths are registered daily.

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