In the United States found the car, which drove 1.6 million miles without overhaul

В США нашли машину, проехавшую 1,6 млн километров без капремонта

In the us state of Louisiana found the second Toyota that went without repair for more than 1.6 million kilometers. Like last time, the record became the large pickup Tundra, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Tundra” in the 2007 acquired entrepreneur Aaron Morant, which is engaged in cargo transportation. Under its hood is installed V-shaped eight-cylinder engine volume of 4.7 liters.

Since then, the car has never give any signs of critical engine failures. In doing so it repeatedly carrying the load, the weight of which exceeded the maximum performance.

However, externally the car looks pretty “tired”. In particular, she has severe damage to the starboard plating of the body. In addition, Morvant had to replace the gearbox, which failed only after 1.27 million kilometers.

Aaron admitted that he did not want to part with his faithful iron friend.

It is worth noting that the previous Tundra that lasted more than 1.6 million kilometres were also found in Louisiana in 2016. Then, Toyota suggested that its owner is free to replace it with a rare instance of similar new model to carefully study the record and improve their products.