In the United States found the main defender of the trump. Is Putin

В США нашли главного защитника Трампа. Это Путин

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The American experts found the “author” of the media-political strategies through which Donald trump and his entourage resisted attempts of impeachment: “the Republicans knowingly use theses Putin to protect trump,” according to the magazine the Rolling Stone.This is not a private opinion of some controversial media people, and a media campaign, which aims to teach American companies to think about what the Russian security services and the Russian leader, in fact, control the thoughts of the US administration and even the Republican party.The locomotive of this media campaign serves respectable (once) edition of the New York Times, sources and texts which refers to The Rolling Stone and other American media. “According to The New York Times, starting in 2017 Russian spies spreading misinformation about the fact that Ukraine was behind the hacking of elections in 2016, mixing facts is that a very small number of Ukrainians trying to prevent the election trump’s outrageous conspiracy theories. These agents, trying to hide the source of this smear campaign, then used the oligarchs and businessmen as intermediaries for the dissemination of information among American politicians and journalists. In recent weeks, us intelligence officials informed the senators and their aides on this issue”, — writes the edition.As you can see, stuffing that it’s Russian agents are spreading in the US terrible anti-Ukrainian conspiracy theory, made not from a good life, but because of the fact that to deny the obvious is not really impossible. Even the worst enemies of Donald trump from The New York Times has just write about what antithrombosis conspiracy with the Ukrainian side was. But, they add now, it was not a conspiracy of the state level, and only some actions of individual Ukrainians. To protect this rather weak position, they have to criticize and declare agents of Putin who makes the obvious conclusion that Ukraine is the state, whose leadership (along with its American curators of the “deep state” working for the Clinton clan) cost would be punished to the fullest extent of American law.
As evidence that any facts about the “Ukrainian conspiracy against trump’s” are actually part of the operation of the Russian special services to support the current US President and protect him from impeachment, are unsubstantiated “information leaks” from anonymous sources of us intelligence. These anonymous already has a history of fake information on Syria, Iraq, Libya, but it does not harm them. They clearly intend to deprive trump of the position, and ideally — to put him in the electric chair for treason.The funny thing is that, in addition to stuffing from the intelligence agencies, as evidence of the version that the “Republicans deliberately speak theses Putin” used the performance of the Russian President at the investment forum “Russia calling!”. You need to have a rather distorted logic to come to this conclusion, but the example of the publication Business Insider you can see a winding path American propagandist on cognitive corridors of media absurdity.Journalist John Haltiwanger informs about the answer of Vladimir Putin on the issue of relations with the United States: “the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is gloating because Republicans continue to publicly promote debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia intervened in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States… “Glory to God, we now no-one accuses that we are interfering in elections in the United States, is now accused Ukraine”, — Putin said in Moscow on Wednesday.”
As an explanation of why this “conspiracy theory” already “debunked” is just one argument that actually is the private opinion of the famous American neo-conservative and a supporter of tough confrontation with Russia — former adviser to trump, and now — one of the key witnesses in the case of his impeachment. Business Insider reports: “Fiona hill, a former chief adviser to trump for Russia, pleaded with Republicans to stop the spread of conspiracy theories about Ukraine and interference in elections impeachment hearings on Thursday. “Some of you in this Committee seem to believe that Russia and its intelligence agencies did not conduct a campaign against our country and that perhaps for some reason the Ukraine did it”, — said hill, adding: “This is a fictional narrative, which was compiled and distributed by the Russian special services”.After just one day after Putin boasted that no one accuses Russia of meddling in the election, hill said that “the outcome of all these narratives” is “exactly what hoped the Russian authorities”.It’s easy to guess what will happen: at all stages of impeachment agents of Putin will declare all politicians-Republicans who will point to the intervention of Ukrainian officials, as well as “ethnic Ukrainians” and “Ukrainian-born Americans,” in American elections.
This tactic — a gesture of despair, which likely will play into the hands of the very Trump, and here’s why. His opponents no clear evidence that “Ukrainian conspiracy” is a stuffing of Russia. And what’s more: even if all the theses about the “conspiracy” written in the Russian special services for American domestic policy it won’t matter in that case, if it’s all true.Now, that rarely happens in politics, the power really in truth. And this truth (and one that even The New York Times to deny may not) trump — whole cars (in terms of dirt on democratic politicians and their Ukrainian accomplices). It is significant that the psychosis about the inadmissibility of the public discussion “the Ukrainian conspiracy” began in the American media even before the process of impeachment reached the Senate, where it will control the Republicans. It is terrible to imagine what will happen when Republican senators live in all U.S. channels will be using the photos, testimony and other “evidence” to talk about how the Democratic party hired a political consultant of Ukrainian origin, a Chalupa for the collection of “Ukrainian dirt” on the staff team of trump, in particular Paul Manafort.When a wide audience learns that the chief witness against trump, Colonel Alexander Vindman, not just “advised the Ukrainian government on how to resist the Tramp”, but also “has three times received the offer to become the Minister of defense of Ukraine”, the theory of “Ukrainian conspiracy” there will be many new supporters.
You can guarantee that the lawyers of the President will use the media attention to show the connection (including corruption) between the Ukrainian political elite and leadership of the Democratic party, including the families of Joe Biden and John Kerry. And then even very simple-minded American voter will begin at least to suspect talk about the fact that “it’s all Putin’s narrative”, are just attempts to hide from him, the voter, the truth. Practice shows that the voters in such things react quite emotionally.The American “deep state”, with which the tramp, in his words, joined in the uncompromising struggle is the very influential “people in beautiful costumes” that are hard to explain to each American President, what he should do, think and say. The existence of these influential people in American politics, said Vladimir Putin in the famous interview with “Le Figaro”, and it is probably one (but not main) reasons why the American “deep state” strongly dislikes the Russian leader.At some point, this “deep state” has decided that Ukraine, Ukrainian politicians, Ukrainian pipelines, the Ukrainian army and especially the “Ukrainian dirt” is the perfect tool for fighting both with Russia and with Vladimir Putin, and (especially) with Donald trump. The consequences of this decision is likely to be catastrophic for the American puppeteers domestic and foreign policy.Ivan Danilov

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