In the United States, Georgia reopened its shops in spite of the coronavirus and the critical

Aux États-Unis, la Géorgie rouvre ses commerces malgré le coronavirus et les critiques

Miami | The governor of Georgia has authorized some parts of the economy to reopen Friday in this southern State of the United States, a decision criticized by local officials and even by Donald Trump, for which the measurement is precipitated in the full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Brian Kemp, a staunch supporter of the us president, has decided to reopen some businesses such as gyms, bowling alleys, workshops, tattoos, beauty salons and for beauty care or the ongleries.

From Monday, it will be the turn of the cinemas and restaurants, which will impose strict measures of distance health and perform regular cleanings, etc.

The republican governor has cited “the data is favorable, and the increased testing” to justify his decision, according to him, “approved by our health professionals,” while the State has nearly 21, 000 cases positive for the coronavirus and has recorded more than 850 deaths.

These re-openings are “surgically precise, targeted, and methodical, giving priority to the health of the citizens,” assured Mr. Kemp.

But even Donald Trump, is a staunch supporter of reopening the faster of the economy, said Wednesday to be in “profound disagreement” with the governor, believing that the businesses concerned were not part of the first phase of the plan prepared by the White House to stimulate the activity of the first power in the world.

“It’s too early, they can wait a little bit”, he explained, while saying let Mr. Kemp free of its decision.

“I would advise not to do it,” she said the epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, White House adviser on the pandemic.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor, a democrat of Atlanta, the capital of the State of Georgia, for its part, denounced a decision that she considers to be precipitous and dangerous.

“I am deeply concerned, because there is always a rising curve” of the contamination in the State, she said on CBSN.

“I hope the governor is right and I am wrong, because if he is wrong, more people will die,” said the mayor.

Individual responsibility

Brian Kemp has, however, received the support of a part of the local employer, such as that of Kay Kendrick, president of the Federation of cosmetology and hairdressing, which has 95,000 members.

“A lot of them are self-employed who do not have other sources of income,” she said in a press release.

Diane Fall, on the contrary, it is too early. “It looks as if the governor makes us a favor, but I prefer to be alive rather than open my trade”, said the owner of a hair salon in Decatur, al, as cited by the Wall Street Journal.

The boss of the department of epidemiology at the University of Atlanta, José Cordero, points out that the spread of the virus is different according to the States and that everyone must study the situation on the ground, while respecting the safety instructions.

“The opening of these shops does not mean that it has carte blanche”, he told AFP.

“We must all keep in mind our individual responsibility, if you are sick, stay home”, he added.

Donald Trump wished a quick recovery to break the spiral of the crisis and unemployment – more than 22 million Americans have lost their jobs since the beginning of the epidemic. Across the country, supporters of the déconfinement request to end the restrictions that have put to sleep the country.

Several republican States have recently loosened the noose of containment required. The South Carolina and Florida have opened some beaches to the public, and prepare for a restart in several phases.

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