In the United States have discovered a previously unknown species of dinosaur

В США обнаружили ранее неизвестный вид динозавра

The fossils, discovered by paleontologists in Utah, presumably, belong to a completely new kind ankylosaurids – armored dinosaurs.

Echinacea Jonson (Akainacephalus johnsoni) lived on the planet during the late Cretaceous period about 76 million years ago. His birthplace was Laramide is an ancient island continent, separated from Appalachia (the second part of North America) of the Western inland sea.

Four-metre long skeleton was discovered in a National forest, Utah Grand Staircase-Escalante plateau of Kaiparowits, which is particularly rich in paleontological finds. This is the most complete skeleton of an armored dinosaur of all discovered so far.

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В США обнаружили ранее неизвестный вид динозавра

Scientists have attributed ankylosaurid to a completely new kind. They gave him the name Akainacephalus johnsoni, the first of which is composed of the Greek words for “thorn horn” or “head”, and the second was given in honor of paleontologist Randy Johnson, who was engaged in cleaning fossils.

Akainacephalus johnsoni reached a length of 3-4 meters and up to 1 meter, were all covered in armor from head to tail. The skeleton of echinaceae has unique characteristics – spines and cone-shaped growths on a bone plate, that utilize it with the varieties found in Asia, but absolutely distinguished from other armored dinosaurs found in the West of Utah.

Scientists explain this similarity by the possibility of migrations from Asia to the continent of Laramide. It is known that in the middle of the Cretaceous period the sea levels dropped significantly and exposed the isthmus in the Bering Strait. The message between the different parts of North America at this time was impossible because of the existence of the Western interior sea.


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