In the United States said the threat of a fake video created by using artificial intelligence

В США заявили об угрозе фейкового видео, созданного с помощью искусственного интеллекта

The scanning technology of the human face and processing video and audio information using artificial intelligence will allow you to create fake dirt video information against. With such a forecast was made on Monday the news Agency Associated Press referring to the American experts and politicians.

It is foreseeable that such materials would be used to harm the United States, said in an interview with the Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. As an example, he referred to the possibility of a fake video in which some American politician uses racial epithets, takes a bribe or acknowledged complicity in the conspiracy. “It is a weapon that can be used at the right time, in the same way as fake news, but they will be in video format, said Rubio, a member of the Senate intelligence Committee. This can lead to chaos and instability on the eve of elections or on the eve of making any critical decisions.”

According to the expert analysis videointerracial from Dartmoor College, new Hampshire, Hany Farid, the appearance of these fake videos is possible in the near future. “I expect that we will see this kind of video in the upcoming November Congressional elections, and two years later, during the next presidential election, he said. For such technologies, the boundaries are not obstacles, and we can expect that the consequences of the emergence of such technologies will become tangible for the world.”

To counter these phenomena, the Management of perspective research programs the Pentagon for the past two years developing a special technology to identify a fake video, reported the Associated Press. It is unclear whether this technology can cope with the fakes. “In a year or two will be extremely difficult to find the differences between real and fake videos, — said the Agency expert at the Center for international security and cooperation at Stanford University Andrew Grotto. — Use this technology will be extremely tempting to manipulate public opinion and undermine confidence in our state institutions”.

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