In the United States staged a fun event for fans of exotic

В США устроили забавную лотерею для любителей экзотики

The winner will get not the most appetizing dish.

In one of the restaurants in North Carolina are treated to burgers with tarantulas. Also they serve sandwiches with reptiles, turtles and beetles, reports the with reference for Today.

American restaurant opened recently and made an exotic lottery. The lottery winners have two days to get the dish as a gift. In the restaurant, say – until now, no one treats refused. On the contrary the number of people willing to try this dish increased hundreds of times. Such exotic sandwiches, American restaurant played only fifteen. Add poisonous spiders in the stuffing, the owner of this establishment was inspired by Cambodian street food vendors serving bugs for every taste – with salt or sugar.

But that’s not the most amazing dish. The most exotic in the world consider these: Cambodian broth of bat, boiled goose egg with a chick inside. And the first place among the most extreme dishes is still a deadly poisonous puffer fish. Which, due to improper cooking, may be the last meal in life.

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