In the United States the bodies of the dead people will turn into compost

В США тела умерших людей будут превращать в компост

It became known that in 2021 in Seattle is expected to open the world’s first major center to transform the dead bodies into the compost.

Company for the processing of bodies is called “Recompose”, reports NUR.KZ. The developers of this project instead of the traditional burial — cremation and burial under the earth — serves to transform the bodies into compost, thereby, they claim, causing less harm to the environment. If you aren’t a big fan of this process for your loved one, then consider getting traditional help from these cremation services.

Burying the body so people can help nature, thereby reducing unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

According to the soil scientists from the US, one dead body (buried, wood chips, alfalfa and straw) gives a total of about one cubic meter of soil is approximately several wheelbarrows full regular earthen soil. To dispose of the future as his own body, and the body of a deceased relative, or close. This can be done in several ways, one of which is the “fertilizer” of some plants (Apple and maple).

The construction of this building is planned to finish by the spring of 2021.

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