In the United States the hero is a Labrador, which helped me overcome cancer best friend

В США героем стал лабрадор, который помог пережить рак лучшему другу

A network moved by the story of two dogs Labradors red Kiko and white Watson. One of them is seriously ill with cancer. How Watson was worried about her brother sometimes breaks the heart and brings tears.

These two dogs is the real stars of Instagram. For their life and a strong brotherly relationship keeps about a million people. All the popularity came to him because of the fact that dogs are incredibly get along and love each other. On their account, you can find a lot of photos and videos where cute, they are hugging, innocently acting up, travel, get pleasure from a carefree dog’s life.

Videos with them just to become viral and gain tens of millions of views. For example, on one of them, still a healthy Kiko wronged Watson. The owner of the dogs was taking video of his conversation with the dogs. Red ate a piece of his brother until he was somewhere missing. The hostess decided to spend educational work and to explain to Kiko, can’t do that, and that he should apologize. Kiko long wondered and looked at her, as if trying to ask: “are You serious? What’s wrong with that?”. But the hostess continued to insist that he apologize to the brother. After the third request, the Kiko is not readily got up walked over to Watson and embraced him tightly, head resting on the back of the head. Even the hostess melted from this cuteness and the fighting stopped.

But all good things come to an end. As you know, dogs feel too much sickness and diseases, of both humans and other animals. If Watson had not scored in the alarm and showed no signs, the owners was diagnosed with cancer at Kiko too late. The dog managed to save on some time, but that she had to amputate the leg. Now Kiko is continuing therapy, regular visits to the chemotherapy. But Watson does not for a minute does not depart from his brother, he often hugs and licks, and appreciate every second spent with Kiko.

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