In the US burned down a warehouse with 5 million liters of whiskey (VIDEO)

В США сгорели склады с 5 млн литров виски (ВИДЕО)

In the US there was a fire in warehouses with whiskey company Jim Beam, according to
The fire engulfed two warehouses with barrels of Bourbon. In total, two warehouses there were 45 thousand barrels, or more than 5 million liters of alcohol.

According to preliminary information, in one of the warehouses located in Kentucky, late in the evening of July 2 was struck by lightning. The result was a fire, then spreading to the neighboring store.

A year ago at the distillery Barton 1792 Distillery in Kentucky collapsed. At the moment of collapse in a building built in the 1940-ies, there were about 18 thousand 200-litre drums. Half of them were on the ground.