In the US, filmed the transformation of the fiery whirlwind in a water tornado (VIDEO)

В США засняли превращение огненного вихря в водяной смерч (ВИДЕО)

An American couple was driving near the border of Arizona with California and witnessed the most beautiful manifestation of nature near the river.

According to the publication WFLA, Chris and Ann McKee witnessed the rare natural phenomenon — the transformation of the fiery whirlwind in a water tornado.

Wife took beautiful shots of the events described in the afternoon on Saturday, July 14, on the banks of the Colorado river. That day in the vicinity of the California town of Blythe started a large fire, the flames almost 374 acres of green bushes.

The fire significantly warmed the air in the place that helped poluvreme wind swirl in the air, the flames, and to form the likeness of the fiery tornado.

But because of the direction of the wind, the center of the vortex has shifted closer to the water, where it quickly cooled and turned into a waterspout.

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