In the US have found bacteria that eat dirt and breathe electricity

The air pollution problem solved?

У США знайшли бактерії, які їдять бруд і дихають електрикою

In Yellowstone national Park are lakes with hot water in which they live is an amazing bacteria. They breathe electricity and eat the waste that pollute the environment, informs Rus.Media.

They were found by a team of scientists from Washington state University.

“The first time we managed to collect such a bacterium in a tough environment – in a hot spring with alkaline environment,” says Mohammed, Abderhman (Abdelrhman Mohamed), the lead author of the project.

Found microorganisms can solve two major problems of mankind environmental pollution and the inability to renewal sources of energy.

How? These microorganisms literally feed on particles of toxic substances and in the process of digestion to produce electricity.

“This bacterium can absorb the pollutants transforming them into less harmful substances and thus producing electricity that can be used for devices with low power consumption”, says Professor Haluk Bienal.

To collect these microbes has been difficult. First, a group of scientists have worked our way to the four ancient basins with hot water.

Upon arrival, they dropped a few electrodes in the water to lure the little-known bacteria.

У США знайшли бактерії, які їдять бруд і дихають електрикою

32 days later the scientists returned to the hot springs to pick up submerged electrodes. In them they found a heat-loving bacterium that breathes electricity.

“The natural environment in geothermal features, such as in hot springs, it is difficult to reproduce in the laboratory,” says Batal

This is not the first time scientists are using bacteria to generate energy. Other experiments showed that the bacteria living in waste water, also produce electricity.

Perhaps the solution to energy and environmental problems is indeed “in the hands” of these microorganisms. Only time will tell.