In the US the waiter returned forgetful pensioner a cheque for almost $500 thousand

В США официант вернул забывчивой пенсионерке чек почти на $500 тысяч

In new York in one of the pizzerias elderly woman was left on the table a check for $424 thousand Waiter, serving the visitor and left without a tip, returned the document to the owner, reports

Karen winokur, who came to the school to taste the Italian cuisine, was planning to soon buy an apartment. After the woman was discovered missing, she immediately called the Bank to cancel the securities. But there she said that the operation could not be performed, since check made out assumes such a function is not earlier than three months.

It turned out that the pensioner was upset ahead of time. The waiter Armando Marceau, revealing a forgotten document not only not appropriate it, it did not become him to put in a special box, where they put is things. The man gave a check to the restaurant management.

Vinokur managed to find through the newspaper New York Daily News. She soon returned to the pizzeria and brought his apologies to the waiter, who did not leave a tip. She offered to fix an annoying bug, but Marceau refused to accept the money.

Prior to this, police Officers from Chita returned 81-year-old man a bag with 1 million rubles.