In the USA the m bus from funnel provalivka I hung over by the way

В США автобус частково провалився у воронку і повис над дорогою

In the US, from Pttsburgh, bus m provalivka I have a funnel hung over the way. About TSE powderly UNN s Poranny on CNN.

“Pasageri have Petsburg spostarla videowise have ponedilok, if a bus after falling to a funnel I Yogo the front part hung on decline futv over land show,” reads podollan.

Podomatic scho bus supinus on the red light, if pid z it was a funnel, to eco potrapila half of the bus.

“On Board the CCB only driver of the single passengers, if the bus is teaches. Obidva smugly safely of Viti. The passenger Bula nadana medichna DOPOMOGA, in this regard’yazku s mild injury,” he naznachili at CNN.

Zaznachiti scho Vodiy, which has for a bus, Stig of supinity car nepodalku from the funnel . Viti s ne. Bus z funnel dstaal evacuator.

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