In the Vietnamese province tiger has deprived the employee of a zoo owner

Во вьетнамской провинции тигр лишил работника зоопарка рук

An employee at a private zoo in the Vietnamese province of Binh Duong, when you try to redeem the tiger lost her hands, reports .

The bloodied 49-year-old In tan Thoi found in the morning, colleagues. Tiger has completely bitten off the man’s right hand and left hand below the elbow. In tan Thoi first hospitalized in a local hospital and then transported to a medical facility in Ho Chi Minh city. As it turned out, the Vietnamese wanted to atone for the tiger.

Experts do not know whether there was in Vietnam, tigers in the wild. Mostly they are bred on farms. Body parts of raptors are used in traditional medicine and ornaments. Vietnamese animal rights activists have repeatedly accused the owners of private zoos in animal cruelty and irresponsible attitude to endangered species.

In April in the U.S. the reserve Keepers of the Wild in Arizona Bengal tiger attacked the Park owner Jonathan Kraft. The reserve staff received a warning about the upcoming flood and decided to save the animals, including 11-year-old Bengal tiger named Bowie. Kraft opened the gates to the beast that he hid in a special cave, but the predator attacked him. Jonathan suffered multiple injuries and two fractures.