In the winter, as dehydration affects the body

Water is essential for maintaining all bodily functions including energy production.

Як зневоднення взимку впливає на організм

What problems do we can earn, if in the cold season, won’t drink enough water. Brief and to the point, informs Rus.Media.


Water is essential for maintaining all bodily functions including energy production. Therefore, the lack of water will lead to a weakening of our metabolism and increased feelings of fatigue (up to chronic). In addition, it prevents the activity of the brain, which may lead to deterioration of concentration, memory, and sudden headaches.

Health problems

Lack of water makes you prone to such diseases as diabetes, obesity (water helps flush toxins), cardiovascular disorders and respiratory diseases. Another annoying and frequent female problem caused by dehydration cystitis, due to lack of water and, accordingly, the rare trips to the ladies room poor liquid lingers in the body, which actually causes the development of infection.


We have repeatedly written about the fact that people often confuses hunger with thirst. First, drinking water 15-20 minutes before meals is a great strategy to eat less calories. Secondly, it helps to identify real hunger. So if right now you pull “something to eat”, try first to drink a glass of water.


Our skin, on average, 35% consists of water. And if there is dehydration – the skin instantly loses its barrier and protective functions (Hello, blackheads and inflammation) and elementary, visually looks worse than dull, with a pronounced wrinkle. Remember that creams provide only surface moisture.

Mood swings

Water scarcity is not only bad for the body, but, as the researchers found, contributes to poor character. Observations shared at the University of California, according to the results of the study revealed that even a weak level zavodnaya affects mood. The most severe manifestation of the lack of fluid – sadness and depression. If morning, try to make 10 SIPS of mineral water.


Wake up in the middle of the night from what brings his leg? Or pain caught unawares while trying on shoes? Leg cramps – one of the first bright and painful symptoms of dehydration, fight which may be taking adequate amount of water.